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As of today, Hacker AI detected 7 408 vulnerabilities across 616 projects. Hacker AI is an artificial intelligence solution that scans source code to identify potential security weaknesses that may be exploited by hackers or malicious actors. By identifying these vulnerabilities, organizations can take steps to fix the issues and prevent security breaches. Hacker AI is created by a French company based in Toulouse that uses a LLM.

Example of vulnerabilities detected by AI

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SQL injection in Python

Python source code audit example
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PHP source code audit example
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RCE in Rust

Rust source code audit example

How to use Hacker AI

No account creation is required
Upload your source code

Please compress your project source code into a single Zip archive and upload it.

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Read the report

Check your email, as you will receive the vulnerability detection report within 10 minutes.

Can companies rely on Hacker AI for their security?

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Hacker AI servers are continuously secured by skilled bug bounty hunters and no critical vulnerabilities have been found so far : security.txt

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Beta Phase

Hacker AI is in early beta and will achieve state-of-the-art in few months. For sensitive projects, our cybersecurity experts can manually analyze your code. Contact us to learn more.

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Data security

We prioritize your data privacy and security. Rest assured that your data will not be utilized for training and is promptly deleted from our servers after analysis. We offer the option to request a dedicated non-disclosure agreement (NDA) or a private instance.

3 cyberattacks experienced by our customers

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Financial loss

A private company lost 96 000€ in 2 days because of a phishing attack.

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Data theft

Spyware was present for 13 months in a government entity.

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The information system of an SME and a hospital were unavailable for 3 weeks because of a ransomware.

Analyze source code security

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Compress your project source code into a single Zip archive and upload it. It will generate a report detailing vulnerabilities detected in your source code.

Supported language for the code review :
Python, JavaScript, Go, C++, Bash, Rust, Ruby, C, TypeScript, OCaml, PHP, Java, C#, Swift.

Vulnerability report language :
English, French, Malagasy, Spanish, Russian, Mandarin Chinese, Arabic, Hindi, Bengali, Portuguese, German.

Click the above links to find example of report of source code audit in the supported language.

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Upload source code

About US

Hacker AI is an emerging cybersecurity agency based in France ( Toulouse ). Hacker AI is supported by experts who have the ability to operate in Europe, Africa, and Asia. Our cybersecurity experts are experienced hackers who have been serving businesses and governments for over a decade. Our specialization is providing emergency intervention in the case of cyberattacks that have a critical impact on the core operations of our clients. Hacker AI is being re-branded, the official Company name will appear in French SIRET register within a month.

Our experts have worked with over 200 customers
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Contact US

For feedback or question, contact us on Discord, LinkedIn, Twitter or mail.

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